Unique Gifts for Writers

Unique Gifts for Writers

I LOVE finding just the right gift for the people I most care about, don’t you?

Believe it or not, writers are easy—and fun—to buy for.

If you thought there weren’t many options beyond:

  • Paper and pens
  • An Amazon or bookstore gift card
  • A notebook
  • A book by their favorite author

You’ll be happy with what my team and I have found!

Many great options exist, and I can even save you the time of searching for them.

Here, then, is a massive list of gifts for writers.

(Full disclosure: If you decide to purchase an item after clicking one of the links below, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. I promise to invest any and all such commissions directly into writer training.)


  1. Gifts for Young Writers
  2. Gifts for Aspiring Authors
  3. Home Decor Gifts for Writers
  4. Gifts Any Writer Would Love
  5. Tech Gifts for Writers
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  7. High-Ticket Gifts for Authors
Unique Gifts for Writers

Gifts for Young Writers

The Writer’s Toolbox

Created by acreative writingteacher, the box is full ofexercisesdesigned to teach kids how to kickstart story ideas and sprinkle in plot twists.


Mad Libs Book

Mad Libs is a fun way for kids to practice different parts of speech and learn storytelling.

Includes Mad Libs about world history, dogs, unicorns, road trips, and evenFrozen.

Price:From $4.99

Man Bites Dog

有一个budding journalist or blogger in the family? Man Bites Dog is a card game that can help them learn to write outrageous, attention-grabbing headlines.


The Storymatic Game

Draw two gold cards for the main character’s two defining characteristics and a copper card to reveal the situation or motivation.

Helps aspiring writers practice storytelling and stretch their imaginations.


Spilling Ink: A Young Writer’s Handbook 1st Edition

Spilling Inkis full of practical advice to give ambitious authors the direction to craft spellbinding stories.


642 Big Things to Write About: Young Writer’s Edition

642 Big Things to Write Aboutis a journal full of prompts encouraging writers to think outside the box. For a budding writer who wants to practice short story writing or novel plotting.


Gamewright Rory’s Story Cubes

Rory’s Story Cubesis a pocket-sized creative story generator. Simply role the nine cubes and let your imagination run wild with an infinite number of ways to play. Contributes to literacy development, problem-solving, and storytelling abilities.


“Write On” T-shirt


Choose from a range of colors and styles.


Gifts for Aspiring Authors

Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly

Writing Magicteaches writers of all ages how to turn their ideas into spellbinding stories.

  • How to find ideas
  • Creating intriguing beginnings and satisfying endings
  • Character development
  • What to do when you’re feeling stuck


Writer’s Market 2020

TheWriter’s Market 2020is one of the best gifts for writers ready to start making money from their work.

The comprehensive guide includes contact information for magazines, publishers, and literary agents who can help your writer get published.

Also includes information on:

  • Literary competitions
  • Submission information
  • How to market your writing
  • Creating a business plan
  • 制作一个引人注目的查询信

Price:From $14.99

The Elements of Style (Illustrated)

I read this at least once every year. The IllustratedElements of Styleguide is the go-to manual on clear, direct writing.


Writer’s Digest Critiques

If your writer has finished a manuscript and is eager to know if it has merit, consider gifting them a Writer’s Digest Critique. Few things can be more valuable and instructive to an aspiring writer than expert input.

Price:Varies by length of submission

On Writingby Stephen King

On Writing, is one of my favorites and is among thebest books I’ve read onthe craft.

Full of anecdotes and tips, it tells his story of going from unknown and unpublished to one of the most celebrated writers of our day..

Warning: Not for kids. Contains adult language.


Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell

Plot & Structureis a book every writer should read. Written by a longtime friend and colleague, it’s a resource I often refer to often in my blog. A great gift for beginners to experts.


Writer Emergency Pack

有一个writer friend who’s feeling stuck? The Writer Emergency Pack could be the perfect gift.

It helps weed out plot holes, spice up bland characters, and pose questions that lead to intriguing solutions.


The 3 A.M. Epiphany: Uncommon Writing Exercises that Transform Your Fiction

The3 A.M. Epiphanytakes authors out of their comfort zones and throws them into impossible situations — making for compelling fiction.

Designed to stretch the imagination and transform stale writing.


The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression

TheEmotion Thesaurusincludes over 130 entries on facial expressions, mental responses, and body language to help writersshowcharacters’ emotions, rather thantellingreaders about them.


Home Decor Gifts for Writers

Custom Typewriter Pillow

Searching for personalized gifts for writers?

This pillow fromEtsymay be the answer.

You can customize it with a personal message, their favorite quote, a joke, or even the title of their book.


Bathtub Book Caddy

The book caddy lets your writer enjoy a book hands-free.


Gifts Any Writer Would Love

Gifts Any Writer Would Love

Audible Subscription

Audible Subscriptions make great gifts for writers. I listen to one book or another every day — while working out, walking, driving, or waiting in line. And the list of titles is endless!

Price:From $15

“I’m Plotting” T-shirt

Stocking stuffer gifts don’t have to be boring.

The “I’m Not Quiet, I’m Plotting” T-shirt fromEtsyis costs less than $20 and is sure to be a hit.


Writers Gonna Write Pencil Set

The “Writers Gonna Write” pencil set includes six No. 2 pencils with phrases like “I’d Rather Be Writing” and “Write. Edit. Repeat” embossed in gold foil.


A Wireless Typewriter Keyboard

This is one of my all-time favorite purchases! In fact, I have one of these for each of my desktop computers. I enjoy the look and feel (and sound) of my first manual typewriter but with all the bells and whistles the modern keyboard needs.


The Little Literary Cookbook

The Little Literary Cookbookis the perfect companion for writers looking to whip up adose of inspirationfrom their favorite books.

MakePaddington Bear’sfamous marmalade, decadent Queen of Hearts tarts, andThe Great Gatsby’s classic Mint Julep.


The Book HookUp Subscription Box

这本书连接订阅框有主题uch as Political Nonfiction, Mystery, Fantasy, and more, making it easy to select a genre your friend will love.

The subscription box is sent quarterly and includes a signed first edition of a highly anticipated title, a paperback, and other literary goodies.

A single box is $50, and a full-year subscription is $200.


Tech Gifts for Writers

Kindle + Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Kindle’s Paperwhite is the lightest, thinnest, and most durable model. It’s waterproof, glare-free, and has twice the storage of previous models.

A subscription toKindle Unlimitedgives members access to over one million titles and thousands of audiobooks.


Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

I swear by this technology. I find some use for it everyday, and it really saves time.

They’re improving the technology all the time, so opt for the latest version you can afford.



Grammarly Premium

Whether your writer is penning their debut novel or writing blogs,Grammarlycan help them nail their punctuation and grammar.

The premium subscription is full of features like style suggestions, sentence structure checks, and a plagiarism checker to give any piece of writing the final polish it needs.

Price:From $29.95


Scapple is a powerful tool that helps writers see connections between ideas.

It can prove a useful gift for writers who want a visual way to track their structure.



Scriveneris one of the most popularvwin德赢avcwin德赢on the market. The editing software lets you keep track of all your ideas, common themes, and words throughout your manuscript.

I’ve found its most valuable feature is the virtual cork board that allows me to organize all my research in one place and arrange it in whatever order I choose.



ProWritingAid is a powerful grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor, employing several search lists to evaluate your manuscript.

It’s a great gift for writers of all levels and can greatly assist in self-editing.

Price:$70 per year

High-Ticket Gift Ideas for Authors

Writers Retreats

One of the most valuable and inspirational gifts for a writer, a retreat can take them to a far-flung destinations to solely focus on their work.

Feedback from an expert in publishing will improve their writing.



Creative Writing Workshops & Courses

An online writing workshop can help writers hone their skills and solve the problems stopping their manuscript from selling.

Find a creative workshop or gift anonline writing courseon a specific topic like editing or storytelling.

Price:$49 – $1,997+

Professional Editing

A session with aprofessional editorcould save your favorite writer hundreds of hours of writing in the wrong direction and get them feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.

Price:From $350

A Weekend Getaway

Quality writing often comes from having time to process ideas and reflect.

If the writer in your life displays signs of cabin fever, a weekend away might help.

And it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Book them a room at a nice hotel nearby.

Price:From $130


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